Wednesday, 31 May 2017


Well the last 4 months have been nothing short of a rollar coaster ride of events and emotions.
Where to start?
I published my last post about my infertility journey of Sunday 5th April, I was waiting to hear back from the hospital on whether or not I had ovulated the previous month. In the mean time I had been reading online, as you do, about different couples TTC (trying to conceive)and a lot of them said they had bought cheap ovulation tests from Amazon rather than paying the extortionate prices of some well known brands. I thought I would give them a go. 
They were only a couple of pounds, so I thought if they don't work than I haven't wasted a lot of money. They arrived on the Tuesday after my post went live, and low and behold the test was positive, I have never had a positive test before, so as you can imagine I was pretty happy, no guesses what me and the other half got up too that night, sorry Mum. 
Came home from work Wednesday tested again and sure enough another very positive ovulation test. 
There was a slight bit of doubt in the back of my mind though, as the test were too positive, if thats such a thing, and when I came home on Thursday and had the same result, I knew something wasn't right. 
Then out of the blue, something I remember reading about online popped into my head. I am sure I recall reading that ovulation test can also pick up if you are pregnant. So, laughing to myself, in the upstairs bathroom, whilst my husband is down stairs oblivious to whats going on, I took a cheapo pregnancy test. 
OMG! That was positive too! 
I ran down stairs, screaming, crying in utter shock. Poor Daniel didn't have a clue what was going on, until I showed him the positive test. Thankfully he then become the voice of reason, said not to get my hopes up and that we needed to do a proper test, or wait until the Doctor confirms it before we celebrate. He was also a little dubious about the fact I bought these cheap tests off Amazon. So much so, he decided he was going to do a test himself, just incase that came out positive too. Luckily it didn't, and I rushed off to Tescos to buy as many test as I could get my hands on. 
Whilst in the car on the way to Tescos though, I did start to calm down and think things through a little, and it didn't seem to add up. I had only just been on my period a week and a half ago, so how can I be pregnant.
I got home with the mountain of tests, and they all came back with the same result, Pregnant!!
Now Friday was a very strange day for me, I finally got the results from the previous month saying I hadn't ovulated, and not only that but they were stopping my course of Clomid as they didn't think it was working. My only chance was to have IVF and they would only fund it if a blood test came back with the correct results. So, I was over the moon as I had got a positive pregnancy result, confused as to when I could have fallen pregnant as according to the hospital I hadn't ovulated, and to top it off upset that if I wasn't pregnant this could be the end of line for me. An emotional wreck to say the least.
I booked an appointment at my Doctors that day, but it was late notice I had to see any Doctor who was available. The Doctor I saw that day didn't mince his words, he very bluntly said, well if you were pregnant you have most likely had a miscarriage, wait a week to see if you still get a positive result.  
That week obviously went by ever so slowly, but eventually it came to the following Friday, I tested again and it was still positive. This time I rang the Doctor's surgery and asked to see a Doctor who deals with 'ladies issues', and thankfully was able to get an appointment straight away. 
I don't think I could have got a more lovely Doctor, she was so reassuring and talked me through all possibilities. She said it could have been a miscarriage, you could have an ectopic pregnancy or everything could be ok. 
She took some blood that day and 42hrs later, to see what my pregnancy levels were doing. 
When she called me back, it wasn't the best news but it wasn't bad either. She said my levels were going up, so I was defiantly pregnant but she wasn't happy with the rate of which they were going up. She suggested I go in for an early pregnancy scan to see what was going on.
A nervous few days wait for my appointment but I knew either way I would find out, as up until this moment I hadn't let myself get excited incase it wasn't a viable pregnancy.
Within 5 seconds of having the 'probe' inside me, the Ultrasound technician said the most wonderful words to me, "would you like to see your babies heartbeat?'. That was it, the flood gates opened, all the worry and emotion I had bottled up came out in one massive outpouring. 
Everything was fine and I was 6 weeks pregnant.

Victoria x

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