Sunday, 17 April 2016


As spring is a typically a time for all things new, I thought why not treat myself to a whole new face of make-up. I also had heard great things about some of the products, so, obviously I wanted to try them out for myself.

DIOR ADDICT LIP GLOW Colour awakening lip balm, 001
I used to use the Dior Creme De Rose, which I adored, and was very sad when I came to the end of the pot, as it's not the easiest thing to get your hands on. However, I had heard fabulous things about the new Dior lip balm in town and wanted to see how it compared to the beloved rose. 
Firstly, I love the slight pink sheen it leaves on your lips, it makes them look very plump and healthy. I also love the packaging, it's very girly and compact, perfect for sliding into the little pockets of my handbags. 
Unfortunately, I do not think it is as nourishing as the Creme De Rose, and I find I am needing to reapply more often. 
I will keep using it though as I do like the way it looks on my lips but I will continue to stick with my old faithful.

Me and my friends used to be obsessed with the Juicy Tubes when they first came out, so this product is a totally fun and frivilous purchase for me, but come on, look how cute they look, and they smell amazing. It takes me back to my 6th Form days, so I love everything about these. It also helps that the colours are lovely and the slightly oily texture means they are not sticky what so ever and last suprisingly well. The cushion applicator looks very strange but actually works well, doesn't apply too much, meaning you can build up the colour. Love!

LANCÔME HYPNÔSE DOLL EYES waterproof mascara.
I have been testing quite a few Mascaras out of late, but I haven't been able to find 'the one'.
My eye area is very sensitive and I was constantly getting sore watery eyes which I was putting down to the mascara, also some Mascaras were just not lasting and smudging. 
I have now sorted my eyes out, what a relief as I was almost at the point of being done wearing Mascara, thankfully all I needed was some good eye drops. 
The Lancôme Hypnôse Doll eyes is amazing, it completely defines and volumises my lashes like nothing else and holds them in place all day. I love the shape of the wand and that it's not super wet, it has the perfect consistency, so glides on my lashes and separates them perfectly. I am definitely loving using this at the moment.

SOAP AND GLORY Archery 2-in 1 brow filling pencil and brush,  Brownie Points.
I ordered this as my L'Oreal brow pencil was coming to an end,  and I have seen and heard loads of positive things about the Soap and Glory brow pencils. 
Unfortunately though,  I can't give you my thoughts on this product as it was faulty when it arrived, so I will have to send it back for a new one. If you have used this though please let me know your thoughts. 

CHANEL LES BEIGES Healthy Glow Foundation, No20.
I have saved the best until last.
I am going through a faze at the moment of trying out different foundations. I really like the look that the Estèe Lauder Double wear gives, I even got my Mum hooked on it. I just also like to have a couple of choices in my make-up drawer, just like shoes or handbags, so I can mix it up. On good skin days I can wear something a touch lighter and on bad skin days I can opt for the full coverage camouflage. 
I used to also keep a bottle of the Chanel Vitalumiere aqua in stock as that was my go to light coverage base, so when I went to the Chanel counter I had that one in mind. 
The very lovely sales lady introduced me to the Healthy glow foundation and as soon as she put it on my skin I knew I was going to like it. 
I will do a full blog post review about this foundation, so check back soon if you are interested in finding out my thoughts and more information.

Victoria x


  1. hi,
    i've the similar items, and are just fantastic. I love "les beiges" and if you can test "le blanc", it's a fabulous primer. and the "kohl" by Dior is WAhouuu.
    (sorry for my bad english)