Wednesday, 5 August 2015


I am pale. I always have been and probably always will be, but I have come to terms with this and have learned to appreciate my pale skin. However, every now and again I do enjoy using fake tan to make me look a little less casper the friendly ghost and more slightly sun kissed. I normally use the St. Tropez self tanning mouse and a Boots glove, but find this to be quite stressful, and more often than not I end up with a massive streak in the most in-appropriate place. The smell of most false tan is also not very appealing and can make the whole chore off putting.
I then saw the adverts and all the countless Youtube videos on the new St.Tropez in shower gradual tanner. At first, I thought this is just an over priced gimmick and will just be like all the other gradual tanners, but I knew I had a wedding coming up and thought I would buy it and give it a go.

The idea behind the product is, you shower as normal and then apply this gradual tanner all over your body, then step out the shower for 3 minutes, (I tend to do this at night, so get out the shower and brush my teeth) then step back into the shower and wash off. Simple.
I did this for 3 nights running before the wedding, and I thought the process very easy and stressless. Ok, I didn’t look like a sun kissed goddess that had just come back from a holiday in the Mediterranean, but I did look less like an ill person and more ‘normal’. I think this would be a great product if you already had a lovely tan and wanted it to last a bit longer, or if you are like me and didn’t want anything too obvious. It does have a slight odour to it, but nothing compared to other false tans, and it disappears once you sprits your perfume or apply scented moisturiser.

Thanks for reading and hope you found it helpful,

Victoria x

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