Wednesday, 19 August 2015


I recently was in Boots, shopping for a few bits and bobs, one of them being a new Mascara. I’m not normally loyal to any brands when it comes to Mascara’s, however, I do tend to go for ones with fibre wands rather than the plastics wands. I find the plastic one uncomfortable and make my eyes sore, this is probably all in my head, but that’s just what I have experienced, so far.
Lately, I had been using a couple of the Max Factor mascaras but fancied trying something from L’Oreal and saw they had a new mascara out, False Lash Superstar. This is a double ended mascara. The first side being the primer, which is meant to thicken and strengthen the lashes and the second being the actual mascara, which claims to lengthen and lift your lashes. The mascara side, has a curved wand, which I find great for reaching the smaller lashes in my inner corner.

I have used it now for about 2 weeks and I can official say, I love this mascara. The primer goes on beautiful and doesn’t dry out my lashes, making the mascara glide on perfectly with no clumps or smudging. I have very short lashes and I can sometimes end up getting more mascara on my eyelid then on the lashes, but this brush seems perfectly designed for my eyes, and I save myself the 5 minutes cleaning up after applying it. Bonus!

As you can see is the before and after pictures, my lashes look longer and thicker and this lasts for ages without drying or losing shape. It also feels very light on my eye lashes, like I am not wearing any mascara, which for me is great as sometimes when I am tired, wearing mascara can make my eyes quite sensitive.
The one down side is there was no waterproof option with this range, that I could see anyway, so within a couple of hours it did smudge a tiny bit under my eye. However, with one quick wipe it had gone and my lashes still looked good. 

As always, thank you for reading. Please comment below and let me know your favourite mascara.

Victoria x

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