Friday, 21 August 2015


I personally Love Mexican food but can’t actually eat most of it because I suffer from IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome), which unfortunately means onions, garlic and most other delicious tasting items are normally off the menu for me. Bread being the one thing I miss the most.
I am not by any means a chef or even a good cook, but having IBS means I have to think of ways to eat the dishes I enjoy without flaring up any uncomfortable digestive problems, gross I know!
For this dish, I have just picked the foods I like to eat, this can be changed and adapted to include anything you love to eat, so if you like onions then add them and if you like chillies then add them too. 
This dish is inspired from my time spent in Australia, me and my best friend would go to the local Westfield’s food court on our lunch break. One of my favourite places to eat would be a place called Salsa’s and I would have their Chicken bowel, I think thats what it was called. It was delicious, full of flavour, one of those meals that even though you are so full you don’t want to stop eating because it tastes sooo good.
I really had a craving for it the other day so thought I would try and re-create it the best I could and it turned out pretty tasty, so here’s what I used.

1x Chicken Breast 
1x packet of wholegrain micro-waveable rice (because I’m lazy)
2x Tomatoes
1 tsp Guacamole
1 tsp sour cream
some grated cheese for the top, if you wish.

It’s super simple to make, cook the chicken breast and cut into chunks, steam the broccoli or whatever veg you choose, to taste. Chop up the tomatoes into smaller pieces, (you could use cherry tomatoes but I just prefer larger ones) and put the rice in the microwave. Once everything is cooked, pour the rice into your serving dish and add the chicken, tomatoes and broccoli to the top. Then add the Guacamole and cream cheese to taste and lastly sprinkle cheese on top, then Bon Appetite!
A very tasty, quick and easy meal that’s Gluten free, not bad for us IBS sufferers and is healthy too. 

If you give this a go, let me know how you get on.

Victoria x

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