Monday, 24 August 2015


Where has this month gone? Seriously, I know we still have a week left, but I have so much planned in the diary, that this was the only space I had for my monthly favourites. It only feels like last week I broke up for the summer holidays but all that will be a distant memory by the end of next week. So, I have to treasure every second I have left and enjoy myself with my family and friends before it’s back to the slog of work. 
I haven’t been abroad this year unfortunately, but have instead had a couple of weekends away, mainly with the family, celebrating a wedding, a birthday and soon to be celebrating a Christening. This means I haven't had much chance to go shopping (although I did recently make a sneaky order which I will no doubt write about soon), so, this months favourites are things I have purchased whilst doing my weekly grocery shop or things I have revisited and fallen back in love with.

I will start off with two of my favourite make-up loves from this month, and both of which I saved from the depths of my make-up drawer and haven’t been able to stop using them all summer long.

The first one being Soap & Glory’s Solar Powder, I blooming love this stuff. I honestly am no make-up artist and can not get to grips with the contouring and strobing thats going around lately. I watch so many Youtube videos and tutorials, but I never seem to make myself look all chiselled and glowing like they do. But this bronzer is lovely, you don’t have to be a professional to use it and it makes your face look very sun kissed, beautiful but above all natural. 

I love a red lip especially for nights out or special occasions, it makes me feel far more put together then I necessarily am. I naturally have very dark pink/red lips anyway, so lighter colours don’t always suit me, which doesn’t really bother me as I love the quintessential English Rose look of pale skin and a dark pink lip. This is the look I wanted for the wedding I went to recently so again, I delved into my drawer and found this beauty. The Clinique Chubby Stick Intense, in the colour Roomiest Rose. What a beautiful colour, it’s not quite red and it’s not quite pink, it’s a lovely hybrid of the two that leaves your lips looking soft and whimsical. That’s how I felt anyway, I love how some products give you that extra confidence and makes you feel a million bucks, this is that lip product for me. 

This next favourite is the one I picked up whilst doing my weekly food shop, it’s the Nivea In-shower body moisturiser, Indulging Cocoa. Now I know this product has been out for awhile, however, I did not know they did it in this scent. I’m not sure if this particular one is new or if i’v just been hiding under a rock but thought I would give it a go, as I really enjoy the cocoa scent in body products. 
The product itself is a great idea, I don’t use it everyday, but on the days I haven’t got time to have a shower, moisturise everywhere, wait for it to dry and then get ready, it’s brilliant. It definitely is moisturising, I do feel that my skin is softer after use, maybe not as soft as I would feel using a normal moisturiser but definitely enough to warrant it’s use. The smell is also lovely, and lingers around on the skin for a couple of hours after washing off.

The next two products I bought a little while ago now and were a little bit of a splurge for me, they are the Crabtree & Evelyn shower gel and body moisturiser. We were having our bathroom re-decorated and a shower put in at the time, so I wanted some indulgent products to use in there once it was completed. 
Thankfully, the decorating has now finished and looks fabulous, so I have been able to crack out these gems and finally get to use them. Which is perfect timing as the scent is Tarocco Orange, Eucalyptus and sage, a very refreshing scent for summer. 

Thanks once again for reading, hope you all have had a good month,

Victoria x


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