Sunday, 26 July 2015


Welcome to my first monthly favourites. 

July has been a very strange month for me, I have been incredibly busy at work and now I have just broke up for my summer holidays, the weather decides to turn rubbish. Oh well! I shouldn’t really expect anymore from the British summer time.
This month a have been listening to a lot of new music that I am loving, and trying to get into the summer vibes with my choice of nail colour. Any who, here goes with my July faves.

Si by Giorgio Armani- 
My parents bought me the very lovely Chanel Coco Mademoiselle perfume at christmas. I absolutely adore the smell of this perfume as it smells like my Mum but I really wanted to just save that for special occasions, so I could really enjoy the memories it conjures up. I therefore, wanted a new scent to wear everyday, but was struggling to find one I really liked, that was until I came across this beauty. I wanted my everyday scent to be fruity and floral, whilst also being chic and classic. Giorgio Armani have captured all that in this fragrance, it lingers for hours on the skin and makes me feel sophisticated and a little sexy. I just love it. 

Clarins Instant Concealer-
I am not going to go into much detail about this product as I have done a full blog post review which you can read if you are interested. I am still enjoying wearing this concealer, it lasts all day and doesn’t crease under my eyes, it’s just lovely.

Palmers Coconut Oil Hand cream-
This is a very recent purchase of mine, I was perusing the isles of Boots when I came to the hand cream stand and remembered I needed a new one. Now, when it comes to shopping for body moisturisers or hand creams I sort of let my nose decide (I’m weird, I know). I obviously want my hands to feel incredibly soft and moisturised but I like them to smell delicious too. This product seems to deliver on both. It skinks into my skin beautifully, not leaving any greasy residue that you would expect from an oil based product, and it also smells divine. I am also liking the fact that this hand cream uses Coconut Oil and is free from Paragons and Sulphates, bonus!

Barry M Speedy nail polish in the colour Pole Position-
I must admit, I am very lazy when it comes to my nails. I love them looking all fancy after a manicure and a fresh coat of polish but I just always forget to do it, or dislike the time is takes for polish to dry and end up smudging it everywhere. 
Now that summer is here, I do feel I need to give extra care and attention to my nails and at the moment I am really enjoying the bright colours that are around. This Barry M Speedy is great for me and it really does dry quickly, making it much more appealing for me to do my nails. This colour is also beautiful, the pastel green colour looks lovely on, and I think it would look even better with a tan. It applies very easily and two coats is enough to get a full coverage. If I am careful, it can last 3-4 days with minimal chips which is great for me. 

Non Beauty fave,

Pvris, White noise-
I am absolutely loving this band at the moment. I am a massive fan of bands with strong female lead singers, I love Paramore and Florence and the machine. So buying this album was a no brainer for me. I have had it on in my car non-stop since I bought it, and my husband is massively loving them too. 

I have lots of exciting things coming up in August from weddings and big birthdays to a Christening, so look out for lots more blog posts and maybe even some videos.
Hope you enjoyed reading, until next time.

Victoria x

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